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March 27th, 2006
Ok, I have more pics of my furbabies! And pics of some birds that were at our feeder!

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Image hosting by Photobucket

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Not sure why those pics are messed up, but the computer screws things up. They didn't take like that. Leo likes to get between the covers when I make the bed and I lifted the comforter up and he was being all sleepy like. :) The birds are a red bellied woodpecker, pigeon and quaker parrots. The parrots escaped from many people's homes after Andrew so now they live wild. There are also big parrots too.

Dixie Chicks new song rocks! Good for them!

March 24th, 2006
Today is Studio Friday and the subject is what do you have secretly stashed in your studio? I have a ton of stash, stash of yarn, scrapbooking stuff, books, paint, you name it. But the stash I really need to have and to keep it a secret is in this picture.

Scissors. They magically dissapear in our house. Chris uses them for his fish tank and other random things and even my "good" sewing scissors have been used for non sewing items. Therefore I keep these nice scissors hidden safely in my closet. I have/had other scissors but can't find them! I wonder where they walked off to????

Ah, the weekend. Thank goodness! Been so busy this week. I am super procrastinator tonight. If I get to bed early I am going to get up around 8:30 or so and get some stuff done. Workout, clean downstairs and then later in the evening someone is coming over to scrapbook for awhile while Chris is at an aquarium meeting. Sunday we are going to go and do Big Foot in WPB. Should be fun!

March 22nd, 2006
Tonight I was Ms. Suzy Homemaker. I came home and made Beef Stroganoff, and then I was in an especially baking mood and so I made Bread Pudding with some bread that I'd had since my mom came to visit me and it was still good and also coconut bread that was in the latest Martha Stewart Living. I happened to look in the freezer and see a bag of coconut I'd had for over a year!!!!, so I used it. Both turned out pretty well. I put it all together while talking to my friend Michelle for 45 minutes.

March 20th, 2006
Ok, making a call for my blogging friends and people with webpages to join Kindred Blogs. I inherited the webring about a year ago but recently I did a run through of the blogs and found most are not in existence of haven't been updated in quite some time. Soooo, I need some fresh peeps! Also, I need something tech savvy (SHELLY!) to design a cute little button for the ring. Please email me if you can do it!

I have more picture today. I'm just a picture person! But before that some more rants. I was reading the Artists Way today at lunch and a paragraph stuck out at me. I've been neglecting reading it mostly because I have little patience to journal every morning. I have little patience to get up every morning. (I think I can get up 2 days a week and run. I know I can. I just need self discipline). Anyway, it was talking about creative types and their need to do something creative. When we let life get in the way, we get cranky and irritated. I can very much relate to that. I feel like that when I am away from my studio or anything I am working on for a long time. Which is another reason this no internet thing is good. I was actually good tonight too. I came home, watered the plants, made dinner and relaxed first. I did get on from 7:15 to 7:30 and then crocheted until 9. Now I'm on here blogging. Ok, yeah that was my rant!

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This is Jeremiah our new Blue Throat Trigger. I love trigger fish, especially clown triggers but they aren't reef safe. This little fella is and he looked like a Jeremiah and so that is his name!

March 18th, 2006
This isn't going to be as good as what I originally typed. I'm so mad! I right cliked to hit "copy" because sometimes my computer will just take forever and won't go to the next page and then my post will get eaten. Instead I think I hit "clear all" instead of "select all". GRRRR!

My post was to talk about "Good Things" like Martha Stewart (who by the way I haven't received my April issue yet!). The first good thing is Green Mountain Organic Decaf Breakfast Blend coffee. I found it at Target (my second Good Thing) yesterday. It was on a sale end cap with a bunch of other coffee's. I made it this morning for breakfast with my eggs and hashbrowns. I've finally, at least I think I have, mastered the art of making coffee. I used to make it too strong or too bitter, but now I can eyeball it and it will be ok. Now I just need to learn to use my espresso maker so I can have mocha's and such without making Starbucks runs (which really could be my third Good Thing, but I hadn't planned on discussing it yet!).

Target, the second Good Thing. I don't think there is a way to get out of there without buying something. It's just too easy to not resist. I was reading a scrapbooker's blog the other day about Target, it's aura and the method of going through the store. My method was and is usually to stop by the jewelry and purses, walk down to the stationary, making stops across to the bathroom/body stuff, while walking back to the books and electronics. The books and electronics just got moved to the back of the store now, so that will be changing. My intention yesterday was to get frames for some engagement pictures of ours and for a drawing Chris did for me when we first started dating. I couldn't find either.

Starbucks can be my third Good Thing. There's something about the aroma when you walk in, it just invites you to sit down and have a good conversation with a friend. Since I have no friends here I just take my mocha and leave. There's something about the whirring of the espresso machine, the way they set up the whole place. Starbucks must be rolling in dough!!!!

And lastly my other two favorite Good Things, Samson and Leo. Leo got a feather stick a few weeks ago when Chris' brother came down to visit us. It was from their mom. There aren't any feathers left, but Leo still carries the stick around and thinks it's just a fun toy! Samson, my drinky pooh, loves to drink out of my water glasses. At night if I have a glass on my nighstand, he'll make his way up the bed, pausing for a little pet and then on to the glass, sticking his head all the way in if he can't get to the water. Occassionally he'll tip the glass so the water will be closer and then it'll spill. He's such a goofball!

Alas, I can finally say something. Well, I could have earlier but I didn't. I entered a scrapbooking contest, the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame. It's a pretty big deal in the scrapbooking world. LOL...anyway, I didn't win. I didn't figure I would, I mean I've never even submitted before! But, I am going to submit a few of the ones I did to some magazines and hopefully they will pick them up for something else.

I've been working on some crochet lately. A girl at work is having a baby in a month so I want to finish that up. I should have it done by this weekend. Also on my plate this weekend is cleaning up my studio closet. I have a hard time calling it a studio, because it's a closet. Anyway, I went to Big Lots last weekend and cleaned up on their scrapbooking aisle and I still have to sort it out and put it away.

So about two or three weekends ago we saw a rat on our porch. Well, I let a rat out by keeping the screen door open. Today I smelt "death". I poked around until I looked down by some bromeliads and saw a dead rat in a trap. There must have been two stuck in the porch. GROSSSSSSSSSS! I had picked up two mouse traps because they never got used since they were obviously rats, but never saw the other trap. It's a good thing trash day is tommorrow!

This myspace thing is getting to be addictive. All sorts of people from highschool are on it and it's great getting in touch with people that I haven't seen or heard from in 8 years. It's hard to believe it's been 8 years since HS and 4 since college. Where on earth does the time go?

Anyway, starting next week I am having a few goals:
1: Make menu's up for the week for dinner. No guessing what we want.
2: No internet when I get home from work until at least 8pm. Get some things done around the house, relax and enjoy dinner instead. WORK OUT!!!!!
3: Actually start doing all the creative things I want to do. Art, french, piano....instead of talking about it, get it done.

It's been two weeks without me being on the forum. I did get one once to write in the MS topic to Tamara, but I didn't glance at anything else. In a way it's freeing. I miss everyone, but I spent too much time there. Now I'm sitting here at work on scrapbooking forums. LOL that's so lame. I've gotta get a life!!!! Like I said, goals up there. I may come back to the forum in a little while, but I'm not sure.

March 12, 2006
Chris was sad that I'd taken the journal away, so I thought I'd bring it back. I'm going to attempt to focus on art and scrapbooking and things like that. Dabble a bit in my garden with a touch of random thoughts.

The first not-so-random thought is that please pray for my future SIL. My mom told me the other day that last week she woke up one morning and one of her eyes was messed up. She went to the doctor who them sent her to an opthmalogist and they sent her for an MRI because they thought it may be a symptom of MS. This is just not what she needs right now as she's about to get married to my brother in September. Not to mention it's so sudden and odd.

This weekend has been a gardening weekend. We moved our pots and remulched, weeded and then reorganized. It looks so good and in another month or so we'll start seeing more growth and blooms. Our variegated lemon is blooming and smells so sweet. I remember driving down the highway on my way to and from work at Tropicana and smelling the orange groves when they were in bloom. It's so heavenly! Our neighbors got the plant frenzy and they came out with some plants today that they'd bought at an art festival. One is this just divine little jasmine. It's just as sweet as the lemon. It'll be a nice aroma waking up in the mornings! This will just entice me to get up at 6:30 to enjoy my morning coffee and breakfast, walk in the garden and do my Arists Way journaling. Which I'm sooo behind on. It is so hard. I never know what to write about, which really it's supposed to be this transcendental thing. Just write whatever.

Here are pictures from the garden:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
;Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

February something, 2006
Yeah, I don't know the date. Usually happens when I'm out of the office for a few days. Time just kind of "is". Back from Atlanta. 11 hours up, 1.5 days of meetings, 10 hours back. Met up with a friend from college. She has a cute little house, an adorable dog and is trying to get a job at the Georgia Aquarium. We wanted to go but didn't have the time. They have whale sharks. WHALE SHARKS!!!! These are on my top 10 of to see in my lifetime. Seeing them in captivity will be kickass, but in the wild is the real goal. *must go diving*. Soon

Went to the zoo today. It was very neat. There was a lowland gorilla nursing her baby. It was so cute, but she was staring at us like, WTH!?!?!?! Long walk though in the park. Idiot that I am wore slip on sandals. Was hot today and so not in the mood for tennis shoes. 3 miles approximately we walked in that park.

Anyway, here are some pics from last weekend's camping.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

February 20, 2006

We ended up going out to Big Cypress on Friday after work for camping. Set up the tent and did a few things and enjoyed the evening. Our friends Chris and Sarah came out about midnight and they set up their tent by the light of the car. We were hosting the 2nd annual Camping in the Glades event. It turned out to be perfect weather, crystal blue skies, warm during the day, cool at night. Did some walking around. I have pictures but don't feel like uploading them at the moment. Probably next weekend when I get back from Atlanta. Chris and I drove down Loop Road, which is a dirt road the most of the way and saw many birds and tons of 'gators.

Today I slept in since I had the day off. Spent the morning watching RTA episodes, drinking coffee and then doing some chores. I need to get up and do some more chores. We haven't had a washing machine in a week and a half so laundry is piling up. I hope the landlord comes out and fixes it soon! I'm getting low on socks! I'm going to have to wash bras in the sink.

Not much is going on. It looks like a nice day today and I'm going for a run later on this afternoon. My 10K program is starting today. WOOHOO! I hope in 8 weeks I am kicking ass and running six miles!

February 15th, 2006</b>

I'm sooo loving Pandora. I know I already said it once, but it has just made me fall in love with James Blunt! I loved You're Beautiful already and saw him in SNL a few weeks ago, but they just played a song I'd never heard and it's awesome! Loving it!

Thanks for the comments the new folks and to Lynnette! Sorry I don't visit the marine bio forum anymore. Kinda got tired of it. :( I bookmarked your page though to visit!

Valentine's was good. Instead of going out to eat, I went to this place called The Fresh Market and bought a lb of tuna (broke my no commerically caught fish rule!) and edamame and some rice pilaf. It was a nice little meal yesterday. We just kinda hung out, watched this show on Lifetime (though hubby protested much) and enjoyed a computer free evening.

The other night I was sorting through some cd's of pictures, looking for some to add to myspace. I found a picture of me about two years ago at my smallest. Holy bejeebers. I didn't realize I was that small. I mean, my parents and some people had made comments, but I didn't really see it. Ok, 10lbs heavier now (which I am now blaming on my switch of bc 1.5 years a little too much sweets at work) I can see the difference, much less my pants know the difference. So, I'm recalling what I was doing back then, getting serious into running again and doing a 10K program. I have lost about five lbs since November, which is good. But it isn't good enough.

Tomorrow is my last art class because next week I'll be in Atlanta for work. We're camping Friday and Saturday nights, off on Monday. Busy busy!

February 10th, 2006

Today is Studio Friday.

The subject is Fear. I fear that my journals, photos, scrapbooks, art etcetera will all just fade away in 100 years. I'll have worked to put together memorabilia and it will not be taken seriously or be thrown out by some unsuspecting great grandchild.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

So, I suppose I'll continue doing what I want to do, enjoy it and just leave history to be what it will be. I'll be dead anyway, right???

February 8th, 2006

I've found some really neat websites about art/collage. I am starting an art journal. In addition to the three I've already got going regarding journals. BAH! (That's a Robin-ism! :) ) Anyway, I think it'll be fun. Right now I am letting my Modge Podge dry. The journal came from B&N. It was like $7 and pretty large. I lurrrve it!

Why is hot wax so messy? I waxed my eyebrows tonight. I'm always afraid once I rip I'll find that I no longer have an eyebrow and will have to go to work looking like a one eyebrowed freak. Then I'd have to learn to use an eyebrow pencil. Ick. Scary.
<br> I am loving Pandora. It's so good! You type in a song or a musician and it will come up with that artist as well as similar artists that you may not have heard of. There's tons of artists I've never heard before not to mention songs by artists I love but have never heard before. Totally awesome! And you sign up and then once you log in it remembers the songs so it automatically loads. No crappy buffering like on the internet radio stations that happens sometimes.

The websites I found today:
\ Mixed Media Memoirs
Be Alive, Believe, Be You
Tounge in Chic Journalings

Adios amiga's (there aren't any boys are there on here???? Besides Chrissy-pooh? and Dad?)

February 6, 2006

I am so glad I got a project off my desk. Not work, but something creative. Trying not to jinx myself too much by talking about it. If it happens, it happens! But I'm glad it's over with so that I can focus on other things for now. It's amazing how much something fun and creative can really stress you out. It also makes me realize that no matter what, even if you love what you do for a living it can stress you out and make you not like that thing so much!

Chris made yummy chocolate chip cookies yesterday. It's all I can do to not go and get more right now! I should be good and get some strawberries and milk. I got my own strawberry plant from the store and so far I've had only one fruit. BOO! Strawberries are the most divine things ever. That and chocolate. And coffee.

February 5, 2006

Another weekend down. :( I hope that this week is good and that everything goes smoothly. I'm looking forward to a few days off here in a few weeks when my mom comes to visit.

Other than that, not much is up.

January 31, 2006

Why is it that I should wait 1.5 hours at the doctor's office when I have an appointment? My appointment was at 10:30 this morning and I didn't leave until noon. I went to work afterwards too. All I had to do was get the results of a cholesterol and sugar test that I had done since I've never had one. 10 minutes with the Doc. GAH! But everything is normal and A OK so I'm glad about that!

I am working on something called The Artists Way. It's basically a way to inspire you to create. It doesn't really focus on one "art" per se, so singers, actors, sculptors etc can all use it. Each week you go through a "lesson", but also you do something called morning pages. I don't like to do much in the morning unless it's a weekend, so mine are evening pages, but you write three pages worth of whatever you want. Just transcendental stuff. It was hard the first day, still is hard to write three pages, but it is getting better. Random thoughts lead to real thoughts, then to critical thinking and then back again to random esoterica.

Here are some scrapbooking weblogs that inspire me:
Ali Edwards
Cathy Zielske
Donna Downey
Shannon Montez
Kelli Crowe
Elsie Flannigan

They all inspire me to look at scrapbooking as art and as a personal thing. Take it to another level.
Here are some photos:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Did this one in the art class last week. My first still life in a long kind!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Something for practice. Determined to finish it so I can say I worked on it.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

January 28, 2005

Today is my friend Erika's 26th bday! She doesn't read the blog, but just wanted to shout out to her anyway!

Wasn't too productive today. Woke up and vegged around. Made some chocolate chip panckes that I had left over from last nights dinner. Watched the last bits of A Walk to Remember, got dressed and then worked in the garden for awhile. We pressured cleaned the tiles on the porch, moved around some pots and I fertilized and watered. Today I spent the past six hours watching all of the Love Comes Softly movies while scrapbooking. I'm not in a scrapping mood anymore so here I am.

I'm totally boring today.

January 27, 2006

Ok, I'm back to blogging. Lots of different updates here but ya know it'll take time. Ok, in Opera this looks fine, doesn't bleed off the page, however in IE it does. I've changed the width of this about 50x's and nothing changes on IE except the left table, but the middle table just stays the same. So, download Opera or something else besides IE.
What is going on in my life? Let's see, I am taking an art class with the local community education service. It's a beginning drawing class. I did art from sixth to twelfth grades and do stuff on my own. Anyway it's kinda inspiring to be doing things for three hours with no worries. Just me and the paper.

Really getting into scrapbooking. I've gone to three crops at a local scrapbook store. It's fun to sit around for 14 hours scrapbooking, talking and just enjoying company.

The cats are good like always. Garden is doing well. Anyway, I hope to write a few times a week when I get inspired!


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